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About Us: The Minnesota Project Mission

The Minnesota Project champions the sustainable production and equitable distribution of energy and food in communities across Minnesota.

Our programs are focused on the development, conservation and efficient use of renewable energy; farm practice and policy that promote profitable farms that protect and replenish the environment; and the production and consumption of local, sustainably grown foods.

Through collaborative leadership we demonstrate practical solutions as a basis for future policy. For over twenty-nine years we have fostered local empowerment, bridged diverse interests, encouraged shared values, and initiated working dialogues that create positive action and policy.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We respect the interconnectedness of humanity and the natural environment.
  1. We operate on mutual trust and respect for cultural, community and individual uniqueness.
  1. We promote the seamless connection of rural, urban, and suburban.
  1. We utilize the process of collaboration to engage in constructive dialog and debate.
  1. We work through coalitions and partnerships.
  1. By looking at the big picture, we lead the important work of the future.

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