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Energy: Community Wind

Wind is Good, Community Wind is Better

Wind turbines produce more clean and reliable energy every year. They bring jobs and income to rural communities. Local ownership greatly magnifies wind’s economic benefits. The Minnesota Project works on policy and outreach to make Community Wind a reality.

Wind is a Growing Energy Supply

  • Wind turbines are clean and reliable
  • Wind energy is the most affordable new source of electricity today
  • Wind farms are part of a robust electric system
  • Wind is the fastest growing energy source in the world

Minnesota Installed Wind Capacity in Megawatts

What is Community Wind?

Locally owned, commercial-scale wind projects that optimize local benefits. Locally owned means that one or more members of the local community has a significant direct financial stake in the project other than through land lease payments, tax revenue, or other payments in lieu of taxes. Commercial-scale, for this purpose, means all projects that are too large to qualify for net metering. Read more about Community Wind.

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Locally owned projects keep more money in your community.
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