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Energy: Biogas / Methane Digesters

Case Study: Haubenschild Dairy Farm Digester

In 1999, Haubenschild Dairy Farm installed a plug-flow anaerobic digester on their dairy farm. Since the date of the installation for their digester, the Haubenschilds have been very active in studying the application and effects from their digester on their farm.

Studying the benefits of digested manure
Through a grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Minnesota Project partnered with the University of Minnesota and Haubenschild Farms to study and educate farmers on the economics and benefits of digesters and digested manure compared to other dairy systems.

About the Project, 86kb pdf

Project Results

Final Report, 472kb pdf

Manure/Soil/Crop Interactions

Weed Seed Survival in Anaerobic Digesters

Economic Evaluation of Anaerobic Digesters

Haubenschild Farms Final Report - Updated (August 2002), 707kb pdf
In December 2000, the Minnesota Project produced a 35-page report that concisely explained how digesters work, their benefits and concerns, and operating experience and economics of the Haubenschild Farms digester. The original report has been updated to include operating experience since June 2000, as well as other updates.

Haubenschild Farms Update (August 2002), 43kb pdf
If you've already read the original Haubenschild Final Report, this is a summary of operating experience since June 2000.

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