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Publications: Sustainable Agriculture Reports

Biofuels from New Prairies: Realities in the Development of Perennial Cellulose Crops Becky Schneider, May 2008

Testimony of Loni Kemp before the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Conservation, Credit, Energy, and Research. April 19, 2007, 39kb pdf

Conservation Security Program Drives Resource Management, An Assessment of CSP Implementation in Five Midwestern States, The Minnesota Project, April 2007, 772kb pdf

Farming and Soil Carbon: A Partial Solution to the Global Warming Problem, 821kb pdf, October 2005

Planning For Whole Farm Management, 1.47mb pdf: Lessons From Midwest Farmers, by Michelle Miller, Diane Jensen, Steve Bonney, and Laura Ann Bergman. A Publication of The Minnesota Project and The Great Lakes Whole Farm Planning Network.

A New Agricultural Policy for the United States, 111kb pdf, by Dennis Keeney and Loni Kemp. This whitepaper looks at the big picture of how American agriculture came to where it is today, the role of farm policy in shaping agriculture, and what future farm policy ought to be. Published by the Minnesota Project and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, and soon to be included in a North Atlantic Treaty Organization book, Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Sustainability edited by Steve Light, Rafal Serafin, and Zbigniew Bochniarz.

CSP Fact Sheet 2002, 21kb pdf file

"Stewardship Incentives: Toward Profitable Farms that Protect the Environment," 174kb pdf, whitepaper prepared by the Minnesota Project for “Midwest Region Commodities and the Environment” A collaboration among World Wildlife Fund, American Farmland Trust, and Henry A. Wallace Center for Agriculture and Environmental Policy, January 2001.

Whole Farm Planning at Work: Success Stories of 10 Farms, 5.95mb pdf, 2000. This can take up to 10 minutes to download - click here to email us for a zipped copy.

How to Establish Goals: A Group Project for Farmers and their Families, 477kb pdf, 2000. Setting goals is the place to start planning for the future of your farm. The booklet eases your way with a tear out self-assessment work sheet.

Successful Whole Farm Planning, 248kb pdf. A multiyear collaborative effort to explore, demonstrate, and evaluate various whole farm planning approaches.

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